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  Fraudulent ANTI-SQUID 4 DUCK NAME CHANGE ORDER letters, purportedly sent by the SQUID4DUCK ADMINISTRATION, are being sent to SQUID TEAM MEMBERS. Copies of these ANTI- SQUID 4 DUCK letters have been received by SQUID TEAM MEMBERS that notify members to c
Site Administrator · 3794 days ago

The six most important words: " I made a mistake" The Five most important words: "You did a good job" The four most important words: "What is your opinion?" The three most important words: " If you please" The two most important words: "Thank You " Th
Janie staley · 3798 days ago

These Images are Aproved for the two  No Buy Squid Catagories that are supported my the Administration of the Team   Images for Circled Pets   Images for Recruiter Profiles
Ed Cowan · 3806 days ago

  One complaint I often hear from my friends is how Squid4Duck and the TEAM experience can be transformed in to a stronger union. You can go from team to team and find the exact same drama and the exact same realism in those teams. True there are times wh
Site Administrator · 3812 days ago

To all members from now on send all problems and future recruits to RECRUITER PROFILE ONLY save main profile for non S4D things. That sending the squid links in tagged mail can be a reasons to be deleted and that is why we are doing this. THANK U ALL!  
Nancy Detweiler · 3814 days ago

    WOW, Hello my dear squid friends.   I am just dropping this blog to say the only NO BUY we back is the circle no buy.  It is truly an insult to the team if we tell all our people to put a NO BUY on their profiles.   The challenge of the game is to
Site Administrator · 3815 days ago

Effective July 1st, the Requirements for the HP achievement will be as follows:To Qualify for HP status you must own Squid pets equal to or greater than your value.(cash will no longer be counted)The formula to find your star rating is Total value of squid
Ed Cowan · 3829 days ago

    The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the first national parks in the United States. President Theodore
ROSE MARIE THORN · 3836 days ago

Two thousand years ago, few trees in the Middle East were big enough to construct anything. However, one tree was valued above the others for its thick trunk and fine, strong wood. When the Romans came to rule over Jerusalem, their government used this
ROSE MARIE THORN · 3836 days ago

THERE IS A LOVELY LEGEND THAT I AM GOING TO TELL, The legend of the Sand Dollar There's a pretty little legend That I would like to tell Of the birth and death of Jesus Found in this lowly shell. If you examine closely, You'll see that you find here Four n
ROSE MARIE THORN · 3836 days ago
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