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-FYI- Due to the ever-growing and overwhelmingly large number values on pets, Tagged is changing the way these numbers are displayed.   If you are using Tagged 2.0, you may have noticed this new way of displaying numbers on pets.  The values are shortened
Trixie Wms · 3781 days ago

Hope to see more S4D joining in on my key pet runs they are currently going to between a value of 8-11Q. I will offer a buy back to all S4D team members of 5Q. my runs for this month are posted on the pet run calendars but again here are the days and times
Dawn Crawford · 3786 days ago

Thanks for all the free squid points i get everyday heheh
pas sion · 3873 days ago

~Recruiting without Retention~ Retention is the flip side of recruiting.If our team can retain good members, the benefits to the whole organization are multi-fold. If we cannot retain the members we recruit, as well as well as turn them into productive me
Site Administrator · 3885 days ago

GOT GAME??? DO YOU......... ....want to WIN PRIZES?? ~COME STIMULATE your SQUID MIND~ Credits, Points, Free Gold Membership, Badges Please join us in the chat room for fun, laughter, and fellowship while playing stimulating games. Fun games are hos
Tonya Hudson · 3888 days ago

TIPS for Using WISH LIST When used effectively, the WISH LIST will help you easily find any pet that you want to track. Think of it as your Pets PDA (personal data assistant).   The wish list can be a great tool to help you play the game.  The following ti
Trixie Wms · 3913 days ago

whether you believe it or not! This photo was taken be NASA,, This occurs once in every 3000 yrs. It is also believed to have done miracles in many lives. Surely , u will see changes in your life within a day!
Janie staley · 3922 days ago

This is a prayer that I say everyday,, I love people and try never to hurt feelings. Sometimes my moment of thinking before speaking gets in the WAY.. This helps:::: LORD, KEEP YOUR ARM AROUND MY SHOULDER AND YOUR HAND OVER MY MOUTH!
Janie staley · 3948 days ago

*************************************************************************************************** *************************************************************************************************** ~Misinformation~ Let’s Clear Out th
Site Administrator · 3951 days ago

We are unveiling a new feature for Friday and Saturday nights. S4D Radio will be live from 7pm EST to 12am EST. All you have to do is click on my audio on those nights and you can request any song you want.Our first night of music was held 7/23 and it w
Ed Cowan · 3959 days ago
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