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-FYI- Due to the ever-growing and overwhelmingly large number values on pets, Tagged is changing the way these numbers are displayed.   If you are using Tagged 2.0, you may have noticed this new way of displaying numbers on pets.  The values are shortened
Trixie Wms · 2624 days ago

TIPS for Using WISH LIST When used effectively, the WISH LIST will help you easily find any pet that you want to track. Think of it as your Pets PDA (personal data assistant).   The wish list can be a great tool to help you play the game.  The following ti
Trixie Wms · 2756 days ago


  SQUID OF THE WEEK NOMINATIONS   Attn Forum staff: I need your help. Each week, I will be responsible for coordinating our Squid of the Week nominations and recognition. Forum staff are the only members who can nominate a team member for this award
Trixie Wms · 3064 days ago

This is a reminder to all team members and especially to newbies...  you should always verify a squid pet before you buy.  There are still a lot of pets out there with (Squid4Duck) on their profile names, but they have not registered at our new forum.  Eve
Trixie Wms · 3086 days ago

If you have noticed any of the Ghost pets floating around Tagged, you have probably wondered, as have I, what is this???  Is it a new pets team without pictures?... a Tagged experiment??? Well, I now have an answer... IN the past whenTagged deleted an acco
Trixie Wms · 3109 days ago
Trixie Wms
I love my online friends!

The Ghost Pets Mystery Solved!

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