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~Recruiting without Retention~ Retention is the flip side of recruiting.If our team can retain good members, the benefits to the whole organization are multi-fold. If we cannot retain the members we recruit, as well as well as turn them into productive me
Site Administrator · 2728 days ago

*************************************************************************************************** *************************************************************************************************** ~Misinformation~ Let’s Clear Out th
Site Administrator · 2795 days ago

  Fraudulent ANTI-SQUID 4 DUCK NAME CHANGE ORDER letters, purportedly sent by the SQUID4DUCK ADMINISTRATION, are being sent to SQUID TEAM MEMBERS. Copies of these ANTI- SQUID 4 DUCK letters have been received by SQUID TEAM MEMBERS that notify members to c
Site Administrator · 2811 days ago

  One complaint I often hear from my friends is how Squid4Duck and the TEAM experience can be transformed in to a stronger union. You can go from team to team and find the exact same drama and the exact same realism in those teams. True there are times wh
Site Administrator · 2829 days ago

    WOW, Hello my dear squid friends.   I am just dropping this blog to say the only NO BUY we back is the circle no buy.  It is truly an insult to the team if we tell all our people to put a NO BUY on their profiles.   The challenge of the game is to
Site Administrator · 2832 days ago

All In A Name!.......The Squid 4 Duck History? Hello From me to you with little a Story.... I am wondering if anybody on the site has the story behind the basis for the groups name? 'Squid 4 Duck' I do know that the term Squid 4 Duck has a r
Site Administrator · 2905 days ago

~Guidelines for (C) Circle Protection~ Guidelines for (C) Circle protection. 1.      Must be a registered active HP member.2.      Value consideration 1.5 trillion with cash 1.5-2X value.3.      The only assets considered are active legit squid pets and c
Site Administrator · 2921 days ago

~NEW @ Squid4duck~ Tags - ( GOLD MEMBER PRIVILEGE ONLY ) This allow you to post  tags on your friends and future friends pages. Current categories are:  animal, birthday, compliments, dark, day/time, fantasy, flirty, flowers, friendship, funny, greetin
Site Administrator · 2921 days ago

~Gold Memberships~ Gold memberships are now available to members for ONLY $5.00 a month. ALL proceeds from gold memberships allow S4D to improve the site for its members. Becoming a GOLD MEMBER you obtain special privileges ONLY gold members receive.
Site Administrator · 2921 days ago

~ Existing Features~ 1.    A GAME ZONE WITH 4,400 games ( Battles and Championships are GOLD MEMBER PRIVILEGES ONLY ) All members are allowed to play the fun filled games and earn their ranking  placement here. http://squid4duck.org/gamezone.php?page=home
Site Administrator · 2921 days ago
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