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About Us


A global friendship group that has grown out of the mutual love of the pets game at Tagged.com.

Growing from Growing others,

Helped by Helping others,

Educated from Educating others,

A refreshing enviroment in todays society.



Squid4Duck is a Pets playing team. The team was founded by Jacob Camacho in September of 2008. Our name (Squid for Duck) was created as a tease to another PETs group, (QUID PRO QUO). While that team has vanished, Squid4Duck has flourished and has become the largest organized Pets team on Tagged. We are proud to be a multi-national friendship team with members from many countries around the world.

Our main goals are to raise team members as much as we can and to have fun while building everlasting friendships. To assist our members’ growth and success we offer training, online classes, and mentoring. We have created this site where teammates can receive valuable information, network, sell their squid pets and make new friends.




We are a group with similar aims: to have fun, make money, and forge friendships. However, being a member is much more than just joining a pets-playing team… or as we like to say, “It’s more than a handshake. It’s family.”

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