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I love my High Performing Squid Friends
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Effective July 1st, the Requirements for the HP achievement will be as follows:

To Qualify for HP status you must own Squid pets equal to or greater than your value.(cash will no longer be counted)
The formula to
find your star rating is Total value of squid pets divided by value equals star rating (squid pets/value=star rating.
Your star rating "MUST" be maintained to keep it.

Gold HP has become insignificant, this will do many things
1. HP becomes an accomplishment not a give me!
2. Team members become a priority and are bought and traded with frequency!
3. It eliminates greed and the fact that people buy 1 squid pet collect HP and then sit on the cash for pet runs.
4. It shows showmanship by not letting people flex their cash strength to become a 10 star only to abuse the honored membership by displaying a 10* when many are not even a 1 star.
5. It puts the challenge back into the team and shows diginity that was taken away when tagged started the GOLD CONVERSION HIKES!

**Circled Pets will still
automatically be HP 1* as they own a squid pet of their value**
***Circled with a NON-Squid, these members will
remain HP IF the Squid members of the Circle can show that the non squid was a registered squid and chose to leave the team and therefore leaving them in this situation beyond their own control.***
Remember that HP is an achievement and not a rule, no one has to be HP if that is their choice****

Please check the star sheets to verify your HP status and update your display name accordingly, if you do not see your name or are a lower star then you think is correct please re-apply and we will look again.


When Applying be sure to include your tagged Pet Page Url

Ravi Tomar
I luv my little squid friends!
lilly jensen
God is our refuge and strength...
jessica steven
LIFE with out LOVE is JUST like FOOD with out SALT
Steven Steven
I luv my little squid friends!
yvonne debora spanjaard
I luv my little squid friends!
abdul rahman
my job+my kids+my self=apyyyyy
Dennis Wheeler
Happy Squiddin' Everybody!
Dule Glumac
I luv my little squid friends!
Jeffrey Reyes
Looking for Squids high and low
David Dunn
I luv my little squid friends!
Site Administrator
There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.
Kamran Kamran
I luv my little squid friends!
graeme dempsey
I luv my little squid friends!
Melvin Matt
May the Peace of Christ be with you.
amanda rafter
I luv my little squid friends!
Munish *
Buy This Sexy Red Head.
christophe leblanc
I luv my little squid friends!
Fred Washington
I luv my little squid friends!
ishaq khan
Lets make it happened.
Kathy Reyes
I luv my little squid friends!
Vincent polak
love pets
John Shipp
I luv all my squid friends!
Manny Manny
I luv my little squid friends!
Veronica Bear
Life is a mystery meant to be lived not a problem to be solved
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